New Email Feature

One of the main essential parts for your business and your product is communication with your users. It's the key behind retention and engagement, which will allow you to scale. To do so, you will need to use an email feature, but they are rarely integrated, and building one is complicated and time-consuming. Solutions exist, but they require connecting external services with disparate billing systems. Also, they are hard to set up, like with an SMTP server, for example.

# What's new

We just added to Liteflow a new feature called "Email", which will fix your users' communication issue. Using it in your product will allow you to send emails without having to set up anything. You will save considerable time by getting right away one of your essential business needs in your application. Just call a task in your workflows, like any others, to send emails to your users. These can be automatically triggered based on specific events or tasks through workflows making your email communication react to your product.

# Why Email matters

For product creators, one of the most efficient ways to convert and retain their users is by email communication. Even though there are innovative solutions on the market to reach users, email has proven long ago, their efficiency in users' outreach. Our Email feature removes the hassle of connecting and authorizing external services or, even worse, setting up complicated SMTP servers.

# How to use it

To send emails, the only thing you need to do is add a task in your workflows:

# liteflow.yml
      - type: task
        service: email
        taskKey: send
          subject: my super subject
          text: content of my email

This workflow will automatically send an email without having to set up anything or create any additional account on a third-party platform.

Make sure to check out the Email documentation.

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