Developers & Entrepreneurs, Say Hello To Liteflow

# Our objective

Today we're very excited to introduce the world to Liteflow. Our objective at Liteflow is to help developers and entrepreneurs build feature-rich applications easier, and ship them faster, with just a few lines of code.

# What's exciting about Liteflow

What excites us about Liteflow is that it lowers the barrier to entry and makes powerful features more accessible and easier to manage. We’ve learned from our experiences and our researches that developers and teams want a uniform and efficient way to collaborate, build and ship feature-rich applications without worrying about things like infrastructure, boilerplate code or configurations.

# The advantages of using Liteflow

Liteflow is a development framework and serverless backend that's out to solve these issues. Applications on Liteflow are split into individual components with specific objectives, unified by a workflow describing the connections between components. This reduces the complexity of code so you can move faster, essentially focusing only on your business logic while the architecture, deployment and maintenance are all taken care of for you.

# Liteflow also boasts a simplified UX that helps developers build easier with:

  • A simple onboarding process
    • Totally free to use (while in beta)
    • Pay-per-execution
  • Optimized organization of applications and workflows.

It’s impressive to see the feature-packed applications that developers can build by cutting out what’s unnecessary, lowering the barrier to entry, and increasing flexibility.

# What's next

Over the coming months, we will continue posting about the project and examples to show off what can be done with Liteflow.

We recently released a new feature, HTTP Endpoint, which i'm sure you will be interrested by, so check out the article 😉

We want to include the community into the development and design workflow of Liteflow. Our goal is to bring you the features and solutions YOU need.

That's why we would love to hear from you in the comment section bellow, or with the contact link in the footer. Any feedback are more then welcome!

# How to get started

To start getting your hands on Liteflow, you can sign up for free, no credit card required, and unlimited use for free while in beta.

For those who haven’t already, check out our website to learn about the project, or try the get started and see what it can do for you.

New to Liteflow? Code and launch your applications quickly with a backend framework and integrated cloud solution. Visualize and manage applications anytime with the console. Sign up for free and deploy your idea in seconds!

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